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Biljana Lowndes-Nikolova

Founder and Managing Director
of Mellifera AD

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MelliGEL – Organic Honey Energy Gel is born from the necessity for clean and natural energy boost, conveniently packed in a single sachet.

Honey, our core ingredient, is a true superfood known for millennia and yet just rediscovered as sports nutrition.

It is an excellent energy source and has many benefits for the recovery and immunity.

We have vast experience with honey and therefore we use it as a base for our innovative products – MelliGEL, MelliTONIC and others.

Our mission is to raise attention towards good food-based functional and performance nutrition. Because organic honey is a sustainable choice both for the bees, the Nature, and for you!

Mellifera AD is a JSCo registered in Bulgaria under corporate
ID 206970213. Our manufacturing facility and activities are certified by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, and organic by SGS.

Our corporate website with detailed information will be up soon but meanwhile there is some valuable information about our IPO, which can be accessed here.

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