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Energize yourself and reach on the crest of the wave with maca honey

Do you run out of energy? Do you look for ways how to perform all your everyday tasks without ending the day exhausted? There are a lot of ways to get energy with sports, breathing and hydration, listening to music and of course some food. Maca is one of the great energy boosters that nature bestows on us.

This article presents the culinary and medicinal uses of black maca root and how it combines with our raw organic honey.

Why adding maca in your diet

If you are an active sports player there are a lot of scientifically-proven benefits of adding maca in your sports diet. Maca may help you:

  • Gain muscle;

  • Increase strength;

  • Boost energy;

  • Improve exercise performance, particularly during endurance events;

  • Lower symptoms of chronic mountain sickness;

  • Lower rate of fractures.

Medicinal usage of maca

Some scientific studies suggested that maca may be used in the treatment of many illnesses and medical conditions.

"Maca contains high amounts of potassium that is important for electrolyte balance and it also reduces the risk of hypertension."

The most significant feature of maca is that it may be used in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions for both women and men. Some studies showed that maca increases sperm motility, increases sperm count. It may increase sexual drive and fertility of women too. It helps relieve menstrual pain and stimulates healthy ovulation.

Maca root may reduce anxiety, depression, interrupted sleep, hot flashes and sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women. After menopause women have a higher risk of osteoporosis and maca may support their bone thickness.

Traditionally black maca has been used for boost of learning and improving memory.

Why maca honey

You can enjoy the benefits of maca combined with those of our organic acacia honey.

"Honey is recommended for some gastrointestinal states, supports the function of the heart and the blood system."

Here are some additional benefits of acacia honey:

  • Antibacterial and prebiotic activity;

  • Sleep improvement;

  • Relief of cough;

  • Regulation of blood pressure, іnсrеаѕing thе lеvеl оf hеmоglоbіn;

  • May reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer;

  • Natural antidepressant.

Enjoy life and be in high spirits with our maca honey.


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