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Enjoy your best performance with guarana

What are your sports goals? To strengthen your muscles, to lose weight, to avoid some aging effects, to overcome stress or to achieve high sports performance. In order to achieve your sports goals, it is important to provide proper energy to your body.

Honey and guarana are good food partners that may help you enjoy your activities and

discover your best abilities.

This article gives you some points of view on how guarana may support your health and is good choice for your sports diet.

How guarana boost your health

Guarana roasted seeds were traditionally used by the tribes who lived in the Amazon as a stimulant and aphrodisiac nutrition. Nowadays some scientific studies explore the effects of this plant on human health.

Scientists have found that guarana seeds are rich in antioxidants and these bioactive ingredients may support health.

"One of the representatives of methylxanthines is well-known caffeine. Its stimulating and energizing effects are useful during prolonged physical exercise."

Caffeine also may reduce your pain. Another very important benefit is that it may enhance your better psychomotor performance and increase concentration, escalating awareness and attention.

Guarana may help you overcome sports fatigue. Some studies show it can be useful even during chemotherapy.

"Guarana contains also catechins that are studied for anticancer and antimicrobial effects."

If you practice sports hoping to lose weight – guarana may support you during this process. Some researchers explain that guarana products may improve blood flow as it unblocks the arteries from cholesterol.


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