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Why is it called MelliGEL?

Melli originates from the Latin word for honey. Our company name Mellifera means “honey-bearing” and comes from the Latin name for the honey bee – Apis Mellifera.

Being beekeepers, but also passionate about superfoods as healthy sports nutrition, initially we started experimenting with honey blended with guarana, maca, hemp protein, and so on. Ultimately, these tests resulted in the MelliGel formula, which is now filed for patent.

With its name we want our product to be ambassador of healthy lifestyle with respect to our nature and the great role of bees for sustainability.

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What’s in it?

Nothing artificial, nothing hidden and nothing banned. Only raw ingredients: 90% honey, Himalayan salt, Cordyceps extract, powdered freeze-dried fruits and cacao, or other plant extracts (like guarana, spirulina, matcha), and some food-grade essential oils. Honey is the main energy, also rich in enzymes and other beneficial nutrients, which are missing in the simple carbs, used as fillers for mainstream energy gels

Most of the other sport gels contain Maltodextrin, which can be derived from a variety of starches, including corn, potato, rice or wheat.  Therefore, it’s highly unlikely to be organic, but very probable to contain GMO.

MelliGel is simply raw and clean food bringing pure and concentrated energy when needed.

Is it really 100% organic?

Many claim organic production and it might be such but it is illegal to title “100% organic” if not certified as there are strict procedures and verification process from an authorized body. Mellifera and MelliGel products are certified for organic/bio production by SGS under № BG-BIO-14, and all products bearing the EU green leaf logo have been inspected tracing all ingredients to their original sources. Our honey comes from bio-certified Bulgarian apiaries and all other ingredients come from bio-certified farms around the world. So, yes – it is 100% organic. 

What’s the difference between flavors?

In general, all MelliGel share comparably similar nutritional information. Yet, each flavor originates from the second main ingredient after honey, and each has its own beneficial contribution. Thus, the products vary not only in taste but also in benefits.

See some highlights here:

Cacao stimulates the central neural system like caffeine but with milder effect. Peppermint increases alertness and fights frustration, anxiety and fatigue.

Guarana is an effective natural stimulant. It contains about twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee seeds. Cinnamon aids blood sugar peaks by lowering glucose levels. 

Spirulina is the most nutrient dense superfood on the planet, and has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Sour cherries have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that have positive effect on reducing muscle damage and recovery. Ginger reduces joint pain and stiffness.


Should you like to learn more, visit the specific product description or read more here

Why are there a differences between batches in one same product?

Much of the content of the product is honey. It can naturally crystallize, which in no way impairs its quality. If the content of the pouch has solidified, just hold it between your palms for a while.
Honey even from the same origin, is different every year (like the wine). Its texture depends on weather conditions and bees' preferences to various herbs.

How do gels boost performance?

It is well known that ingesting carbohydrates prior to and during exercise can improve performance capacity. In order to maintain energy levels athletes take boosters like drinks, snacks, and gels. Honey’s carbohydrate profile and glycemic index response is identical to most popular sport gels. Moreover, it doesn’t promote signs of hypoglycemia during or following resistance training. Honey gel’s semiliquid texture allows fast ingestion that result in almost immediate uplift of energy.

How many should I take?

Recommended dose is up to 6 pouches per day (6x32 g).

Take prior, during and after activities as needed.

It is important to complement physical exercise by maintaining a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Do I need to drink water with the gel?

Water helps ingestion and also dilutes sweetness. Yet, some people take the gel without water and experience the same effect. Sometimes it’s also a matter of convenience (or easy reach, while involved in action), so it’s a question of personal preference.

Are there any side effects to be aware of?

MelliGel does not contain any substances causing allergy as defined in Annex II of CE/1169/2011.

Honey is century-proven good food without unpleasant side effects. Honey is not an allergen but if you are intolerant to pollen, you should consider that our raw honey has not been filtered and pollen traces might be present.

Which sports benefit from gel intake?

All activities that require endurance while the sport is prolonged, like cycling, trekking, swimming, golf, or tennis. The package is beneficial for discreet and fast intake, which does not interrupt the core of your interest – best performance in your sport!

Further reading and useful online resources: here

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