Sofia Masters.jpg

Sofia Masters 1000

The Sofia Masters 1000 tournament, organized by our partners Interactive Tennis, continues this week.


Many emotions and dramatic endings made the international tournament interesting even for professionals.


In the tough battles, MelliGEL was the main partner of the participants We look forward to the finals!

October 2022


Wizz Air Sofia Marathon.jpg

Wizz Air Sofia Marathon

For the second year in a row, MelliGEL products were part of the largest athletics marathon held in Bulgaria.

This time, in addition to the sports director of the event, Daniel Dukov, Tanya Dimitrova also believed in us, who finished fourth in the overall women's ranking (after 3 representatives of Kenya) and first among the Bulgarian women!

Tanya is a member of 5kmrun, an athletics community with which we have been very successfully partnering for a year now.

We admire people like Tanya who are not afraid to dream boldly and set high goals for themselves!

October 2022


Emil Genov.jpg


Emil Genov is one of the best Bulgarian ultramarathoners. For him, the average mileage is within 100km!

His last successful participation was at the Thessaloniki Marathon Spartathlon, where the distance is 246 km!

After trying MelliGEL products, Emil Genov joined our ambassadors, and his favorite flavor turned out to be STRAWBERRY.

Good luck Emo in the next trials!

September 2022

Golf Turnir 24_25 09.jpg

Pro Golf Bubbles

Lots of sun and good mood accompanied the fourth tournament for children and juniors of the Pro Golf BUBBLES chain.


This past weekend, winners were chosen in 4 divisions, giving all those chasing the grand prize the opportunity to score maximum points.

MelliGEL is a major partner in this event.

BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas


Amazing Tsanko!
Swimming marathon from Europe to Africa through the Strait of Gibraltar

Tsanko Tsankov is the FIRST Bulgarian to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar!

He was the first to set foot on the Moroccan coast after 3 hours, 56 minutes and 3 seconds!

We are proud of such Bulgarians and we are glad that Tsanko trusted our products!

Strait of Gibraltar

Galata_Varna pic 5 - Copy.jpg

Galata - Varna Swimming Marathon

The oldest swimming marathon in Bulgaria!

The marathon was held on August 7, Sunday, in the maritime capital.

209 people from 11 countries, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, Greece and Bulgaria, participated in the oldest swimming
competition in our country.

In the aggravated weather conditions, MelliGEL was the preferred partner of the competitors.

Kalina Nikolaeva and Antonii Moraliyski, both from Varna, became winners in the 82nd edition of the Galata Swimming Marathon - Varna. Nikolaeva stopped the timers at 1.06.11, and Moraliyski swam the distance of 4.5 km. for 1.02.53 p.m.

At home the sea helps too!


Varna, Bulgaria

Bubles 1.jpg

The "Marine"

Pro Golf Bubbles

ProGolfBubbles now and at the sea!


Together with our ProGolfBubbles partners, we are expanding the geography and bringing new young talent to the game of Golf.

During the past weekend, many emotions and beautiful moments were captured by Summer Bubbles.

We support because it is important to ignite the sports spirit in children.


BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas, Bulgaria

07 2022 Plajen tenis pic.jpg

Beach tennis

A sport for all ages!

This past weekend, MelliGEL products were part of an event full of smiles, age challenges and high sportsmanship!

This year's traditional tournament BURGASOPEN22 was organized by the Black Sea Beach Sports Club Burgas and held on the beach of Burgas - North with the assistance of our partner

Bulgarian Beach Tennis Association BAPT / BBTA!

The participants were: 16 men's doubles, 5 women's doubles, 5 men's over 50+ pairs (admirations for their uncompromising sportsmanship), 8 mixed doubles (with ranking points) and 11 pairs in the beginner/intermediate format.

The fight between the rivals was very contested, but above all fair!


Beach Burgas – North, Bulgaria

07 2022 Nasheto myjko momiche pic.png

Our strong girl!

At the just concluded State Golf Championship, our brand ambassador Ivana Simeonova joined the ranks of male participants.

"I've always dreamed of competing with men and I couldn't pass up this chance," says this fragile but very brave girl without fear.

Two days of high concentration, regardless of the high difficulty, brought Ivana FOURTH place among the men's company.

"I am extremely happy not only because of my performance, but also because of the challenge I set myself and overcame!"

Well done Ivana! We are glad that such a determined girl is part of the MelliGEL ambassadors

July 2022

07 2022 MIKO pic.jpg

Dimitar Kuzmanov - MIKO
"Stronger Than Fate"

"Stronger than fate" is the title of a film dedicated to Dimitar Kuzmanov.

In the seventh film of the documentary series "Stars of the Future", Circle Media together with TV tell the story of Dimitar Kuzmanov, an example for every young person to follow.

We are proud of you MIKO!

July 2022

07 2022 Chobanov pic.jpg

The first Bulgarian referee of the European Diving Championship!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that one of our most active partners, Georgi Chobanov, was the first Bulgarian to judge at the completed European Youth Diving Championship in Bucharest.

Congratulations on your daring and professionalism!

July 2022 

Bucharest, Hungary

07 2022 The Junior Open Champ Golf Pic.jpg

The Junior Open Championship

The beginning of our partnership with
Bulgarian Golf Association, coincided with the excellent performance of our competitors in the strong tournament The Junior Open Championship.

From July 11 to 13, one of the most prestigious world golf championships for young men and women up to the age of 16, The Junior Open Championship, Scotland took place.

Bulgaria was represented by Yordan Yanakiev and Viktoria Georgieva.

Yordan Yanakiev showed the world golf scene that even at only 13 years old he can play like the greats. He won the trophy for the best golfer from Eastern Europe and the Middle East, which shows how well he is doing so far in his golf career.
Viktoria Georgieva is the first Bulgarian to pass the corner of this tournament.

We wish you success in your next appearances!


Scotland, UK

Triathlon darjavno 1-3_07_22.jpg

National Triathlon Championship

At the beginning of July, the State Triathlon Championship was held in Byala.

Over 220 athletes entered the battle for the honors. Representatives of 17 sports clubs took part with their athletes, as well as the national triathlon team of Ukraine.

Competitors faced serious challenges in the three disciplines, which did not prevent a participant in the fragile 6 years old.

One of MelliGEL's ambassadors Tsanko Tsanko, in one of the most important socially responsible initiatives "SuperTriathlete", was also in support of all the competitors.

For even better results, MelliGEL will also support triathletes in their next battles.


Byala, Bulgaria

JGOLF Championship - WAGR round II pic.jpg

JGOLF Championship WAGR Round

The goals of this new championship are to increase the number of World Amateur Ranking (WAGR) tournaments in Bulgaria.

Attracting players of all ages and creating a competitive golf environment. Development of the golf game.

The improvement of young golfers and their participation in multi-round golf tournaments.
An opportunity for everyone to test their strength in a three-day tournament.

Acquiring skills, discipline and character.
Competitive spirit combined with strategy.
Increasing the flow of golfers from neighboring countries of all ages.


Pravets Golf Club and Pirin Golf § Country Club

06 2022 Rimini Wellness pic.png

MelliGEL  at RiminiWellness

The products were presented at one of the largest Wellness exhibitions in Europe.


Rimini, Italy

07 2022 Bora Sailing Varna pic.jpg


BORA Sailing Championship Varna'2022 has earned a place in history as the first live broadcast of sailing competitions in our country on the sports TV airwaves!

During the three days of marathon broadcasting from our maritime capital, the races were watched by a large audience!

Different flavors of MelliGEL were provided for all competitors and guests for even better performance and mood.


Varna Port, Bulgaria

Dentaprime 7.jpg


Over 2000 people united in running together for the sake of health and for a noble cause in support of Karin's door-to-door for different children.

The organizers donated BGN 5 for each finisher in the name of the cause, and MelliGEL went to the hands of the winners for even better achievements.


Varna, Bulgaria

06 2022 Rolan Garos pic.jpg

Roland-Garros 2022

Unmistakable Kuzmanov brought the first victory for Bulgaria at Roland-Garros for this year.

Miko returned for his second consecutive appearance in Paris and proved that he fully deserves his place in the preliminary tournament of one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of tennis.

Kuzmanov had the tough task of facing Switzerland's Marc-Andrea Huessler, who is

seeded 16.

май 2022

Paris, France

05 2022 MIKO Praga pic.png

Excellent for MIKO in Prague

Kuzmanov conceded only a game to the former number 45, sending him to the semi-finals in Prague!

May 2022

Prague, Czech Republic

Vodolazi pic.jpg

Diver's Day

Tsvetan Ruschev trusted MelliGEL on the diver's day, noting that the product is fast and compact energy, suitable for extreme conditions in which divers practice, when it is difficult to organize the feeding of white tablecloth.


Red Sea

Talent cup pic 2.jpg


Talent Cup 

MelliGEL was in the company of one of the most prestigious swimming tournaments for young talents - Swimming Talent cup.

More than 450 competitors from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia and Romania tested their strength in the corridors of the capital Dianabad swimming pool.

The organizer Georgi Chobanov had provided prizes and plaques for the best competitors and their coaches, and MelliGEL gave pure energy to each one.


Dianabad pool, Sofia, Bulgaria

Bora Sailing Iskar pic.jpg

BORA Sailing Championship Sofia'2022

Sailing regatta BORA Sailing Championship

Sofia 2022

28.04 - 02.05.2022 

Complex Budnoto Oko The Beach,
Iskar Dam, Bulgaria

Mateo Toskana pic.jpg


Biking Tour

On April 24 and 25, 2022, our MP Matteo Del Mancino participated with his team in the cycling tour of Tuscany.

The first stage /April 24/ was in Massa, where Matteo attacked after a 70km race in the last 600m before the final finish line and after breaking away, crossed the line itself, winning the first stage!

On April 25, Matteo won another victory, winning the second stage of Fucecchio /Florence/, organized on the occasion of the Italian Liberation Day. He wins the group sprint after a 75km race with an undulating course.


Tuscany, Italy

JGOLF pic.jpg

JGOLF Championship

MelliGEL in partnership with the

JGOLF Championship


Pravets Golf Club, Bulgaria

Canko Cankovv maraton pic.jpg

Spain Swimming Marathon

MelliGEL was a constant companion of our incredible swimming marathoner Tsanko Tsankov, who managed to beat all 167 competitors in the marathon in Spain.

This victory gives him the right to participate in the crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar in September this year, where he will be the only Bulgarian among the 24 finalists.

Despite the cold water (13°C), Tsanko managed to swim the distance of 5000 m in just under 1 hour (56 minutes and 28 seconds).



04_2022 Bezkompromisen MIKO pic.jpg

Uncompromising MIKO

Kuzmanov was more than convincing in his performances on the Challenger court in Oeiras and dropped just 3 games to his opponent Lucas Gerh during the match to congratulate himself with the final success - 6:2 6:1 in less than an hour and half stay on the court.

In the fight for a place in the semi-finals, our compatriot faces a far more serious obstacle in the face of the second-placed Zdenek Kolar.

Good luck Miko!

April 2022

Oeiras, Portugal

Koloezdene Livorno pic.jpg

Marble Cup Biking

Matteo Del Mancino /Italy/, one of MelliGEL's ambassadors, won second place at the 20th National Competition in Livorno, just behind one of the best professionals in the sport, and finished first in the 2nd round of the Marble Cup.


Livorno, Italy

BLADE Snowboard Cross Cup

MelliGEL was part of an amazing snow event!
The first snowboard cross cup BLADE organized by the club of the same name.

And behind this name stand real professionals in the form of the Zhekovi family.

Alexandra Zhekova is the best Bulgarian snowboarder:
- First place in the overall classification of the European Cup in 2006;
- First place for the 2011 Snowboard World Cup in the bordercross discipline in Arosa (Switzerland);
- In 2010, he carried the Bulgarian flag at the opening of the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

All the participants were even faster, the winners were awarded and the spectators were energized with MelliGEL products


Vitosha mountain, Bulgaria

Kupa Davis pic.png


MelliGEL in support of the Bulgarian Davis Cup tennis team.

Today the draw is made for the next Davis Cup World Group II matches, where our team will be led by Dimitar Kuzmanov-Miko

Good luck boys!


Sofia, Bulgaria

Sasha Feygin pic.jpg

Winter Olympic Games 2022

MelliGEL was part of the Winter Olympic Games in 2022, supporting with all its energy our young representative in figure skating SASHA FEIGIN!

The pleasure is entirely ours to work with young and talented people who represent Bulgaria at the highest sports forum!


Beijing, China

Tenis MIKO India Pic.jpg

Victory for MIKO in the ATP series

MelliGEL supported, our tennis player Dimitar Kuzmanov - Miko of the Challenger of the ATP series in Bengaluru, India.

He defeated Enzo Kwaku (France) 4:6, 7:5, 6:3 and qualified for the final!


Bengaluru, India

Innovation Exploer

MelliGEL with a special invitation to participate in Innovation Explorer 2022

February 2022

MelliGEL &

Verona Volley

We continue to support the sport and are pleased to announce the launch of our partnership with the Italian volleyball club VERONA VOLEY.

And here the Bulgarian trace is very clear. At the head of the team is the Bulgarian specialist

Radostin Stoychev, known for his many victories, as the head coach of various teams from Bulgaria, Russia, Italy and Turkey.

January 2022

Verona, Italy

Antarktida pic.jpg

Bulgarian National Antarctic Expedition Anniversary

On the eve of the Christmas holidays of 2021, our MelliGEL products were joined to the 30th Anniversary Bulgarian National Antarctic Expedition, organized by the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute and the National Center for Polar Research at Sofia University.


Departure to Antarctica

Mustack Run 5kmrun Marathon

On November 27, 2021, our friends from the 5kmrun Community organized another original event "Mustack run".

As well as many trying their hand at the 10km distance, they also heard MORO's latest single.

MelliGEL made sure the distance didn't seem so hard by providing each participant with



South Park, Sofia

Wushu Republican Sports and Traditional Championship

MelliGEL in support of the Republican Sports and Traditional Championship of Wushu.

MelliGEL products help both physical and mental stress, which are combined in Wushu.

All participants in the Republican Championship received our support, immersing themselves in the mystery of Wushu.


Sofia, Bulgaria

Bonsovi polyani pic.jpg

MelliGEL at

XL Bonsovi Polyani Marathon

This Sunday /November 21/ in the area "Bonsovi Polyani" we are supporting our partners from 5kmrun Community in another challenge!

Every single participant will receive from BIO our energy gels to perform in the best way!

Good luck 5kmrun!


Bonsovi Polyani area, Bulgaria

Golf Pirin President's Cup pic1.jpg

Golf Pirin President's Cup

MelliGEL was part of the last 2021 season golf tournament "President's Cup" organized by Pirin Golf & Country Club, supporting the competitors by providing each of them with its BIO gels.


Pirin Golf & Country Club, Bulgaria

Maraton 5kmrun XL pic3.jpg


XL marathon

5kmrun - one of the largest voluntary structures for amateur organized running with over 26,000 followers. It is an innovative system that promotes the development of a new culture of thinking about a healthy lifestyle, which fully coincides with MelliGEL's policy.

MelliGEL was one of the focal points of the participants in another event organized by our partners 5kmrun Community.

All participants, who accepted the challenge to overcome one of the distances - 5km, 10km and 15km, were supported with MelliGEL products to bear the heavy loads more easily.


Various routes in Bulgaria

10 2021 ClimAccelerator Black Sea (Bulgaria) pic.png


Black Sea (Bulgaria) 

MelliGEL is now part of the big family of ClimAccelerator Black Sea (Bulgaria) 

ClimAccelarator Black Sea - Innovation Starter Box

October 2021

10 2021 Bravo MIKO pic.jpg

Well done MIKO!

Dimitar Kuzmanov recorded a new record ranking. The 28-year-old from Plovdiv climbed one position to 188th in the world with 367 points.


Golf Balchik Light House pic2.jpg


MelliGEL in partnership with

Balchik Lighthouse Golf & Spa Resort

On October 24 and 25, 2021, the international Lighthouse Club Championship golf tournament was held, in which competitors from different countries took part.

Everyone was satisfied with the opportunity given to them to try MelliGEL products.


Balchik, Bulgaria

tenis weekend tour pic2.jpg

Interactive Tennis

Weekend tour Sandanski

Over 120 tennis players from the amateur league of Interactive tennis, took part in the rotationally strong international tournament Weekend tour.


Sandanski, Bulgaria

Tenis Masters final pic 3.jpg

Финал на Sofia Masters 1000 с организатор Interactive Tennis

Матеуш Ейсмонт е шампионът в Sofia Masters 1000 | Octomber 2021. Във финала в Национален Тенис Център той победи категорично Светослав Стоичков със 7:5, 6:1

Пожелаваме успех на всички участници в следащите битки!

Tenis Masters final pic 3.jpg

Interactive Tennis

Sofia Masters final 

Final of Sofia Masters 1000 with organizer Interactive Tennis Mateusz Eismont is the champion in Sofia Masters 1000 | October 2021.


In the final at the National Tennis Center, he decisively defeated Svetoslav Stoichkov 7:5, 6:1

We wish success to all participants in the following battles!


Sofia, Bulgaria

Interactive tenis Masters pic 3.jpg

Interactive Tennis Sofia Masters

MelliGEL launched its partnership with the largest amateur tennis league in Bulgaria, Interactive Tennis, by participating in the second Masters for 2021 – Sofia Masters 1000 | October 2021.

More than 150 participants with different interests and professions competed in the competition.


Sofia, Bulgaria

10 2022 Visoka ocenka za Melligel pic.png

High marks again for MelliGEL!

We have just received congratulations for placing MelliGEL in the final for "Innovative Product of the Year" at the European Specialty Sports Nutrition Awards ESSNawards, which will showcase the most successful products and campaigns in the world of sports nutrition.

We look forward to the finals!

October 2021

Maraton Wizz pic3.jpg

Wizz Air

Sofia Marathon

Every year, Sofia hosts thousands of running enthusiasts in the Wizz Air Marathon. A place with rich history and culture and impressive monuments.
The race route passes through the center of Sofia near most of the historical sights.

The competition distances are:
marathon – 42.195 km
half marathon – 21.098 km
10K – 10.4 km

More than 4,000 participants from different countries take part in the competition.

MelliGEL was part of this impressive event.


Sofia, Bulgaria

10 2021 Sofia Open MIKO pic.png

A successful start for Dimitar Kuzmanov-Miko and MelliGEL

With the start of the most significant international tennis tournament in our country "Sofia Open" ATP 250, MelliGEL received the honor of being officially represented by our second racket Dimitar Kuzmanov – Miko. 


The successful partnership is foreordained after our representative in a dramatic match against the 61st in the world and this season's Roland Garros Round of 16 Lorenzo Musetti (Italy), took a valuable victory and qualified for the second round!


Good luck in the fight for a place in the quarterfinals against the 125th in the ATP ranking Kamil Majczak (Poland)!


Sofia, Bulgaria


MelliGEL Spirulina is among the winners
in the Great Taste competition 2021

MelliGEL Spirulina has been awarded 1 star by "Great Taste" - the largest and most trusted food and drink awards on the planet.


Out of 5,383 products worldwide compete to receive the coveted recognition of great taste.


The unmistakable black and gold logo, a stamp of excellence that is recognized by retailers and consumers alike.


United Kingdom

Port Burgas pic.jpg

PORT BURGAS Swimming Marathon

The PORT BURGAS swimming marathon has two established distances - 2000 and 4000 meters, which have a common start.

The course is extremely attractive to observe from land, as the competitors are visible at all times.
The race distance has a triangular shape and a perimeter of 1,000 meters.

Over 500 runners participated in the first edition of the marathon in 2021.


Burgas, Bulgaria